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About The PCT Process:

The PCT process is a set of methods that help Organizations, Coaches, Parents and especially Players to more greatly enjoy youth sports. You may wish to examine the Glossary of Terms as a starting point for studying the PCT process.

Glossary of PCT Terms- The list of terms used to describe and discuss the PCT process.

Frequently Asked Questions- The list of questions commonly asked by Coach and parents.

The process helps everyone involved to focus effort towards the stated goals of the team and greater Organization. The primary mechanism is a recurring "loop of feedback" which is made available to everyone involved, such that they can learn, gain insight and adapt.

The PCT process is a simple meeting. The meeting has specific Roles, Tasks and Boundaries. The PCT process allows Coaches to easily conduct a periodic meeting with Parents. The meeting is a very short, recurring meeting that generates Parent-group feedback for the Coach to receive. The PCT Process also requires Coaches to provide "Followup" feedback to Parents. Parents, Coaches and Players use this feedback to learn and adapt as the season progresses.

If you follow the simple process, you'll experience real, measureable results after about 3 meetings. It takes a few meeting to get the hang of it.

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How it Works

A Youth Sports organization is actually a complete "complex adaptive system", with groups of Players, Parents, Coaches and Organizational leadership. All these groups act independently, and are directly and indirectly always influencing each other in very complex ways.

Figure 1: A Youth Sports System

FIGURE 01: Youth Sports is a system of interacting agents


The PCT Process described on this web site can:

o Help Organizations retain membership-- and grow, from "word-of-mouth" advertising

o Help Parents to teach and more fully develop their Kids via Youth Sports

o Help Coaches collect and act on valuable feedback from the entire system

o Help Kids play to the best of their ability, by confidently assuming the single role of Player when at practice and when playing in games.


The PCT Process focuses attention on a recurring, periodic meeting of Coaches and Parents. This meeting is run by the Head Coach. Those who attend the meeting agree in advance to adhere to specific Ground Rules. The meeting has clear Boundaries, Tasks and Roles for everyone who participates. The purpose of the PCT meeting is to generate feedback. Everyone involved can inspect the feedback, gain insight, and adjust accordingly.

A major strength of the PCT Process is the tendency of the process to help develop a shared understanding of what the team is. The team is actually the product of interactions between Coaches, Parents, Players and the Organization.

Kids quickly learn that they are in two roles: Player, and Child. For Kids to really enjoy sports and get the most from the experience, they need to be able to assume one role; namely, that of Player. The PCT process facilitates this by helping Parents and Coaches to speak with one voice.

When everyone involved is paying attention to the PCT Process, the major benefit is a near total alignment of goals and objectives. Coaches and Parents in particular develop a tendency to speak with one voice. When this happens, Kids on the team can participate in a single role-- Player-- and JUST PLAY. The result is healthier Organizations, satisfaction for Coaches and Parents, and JUST PLAIN FUN AND LEARNING for Kids.

The PCT Process is rooted in Complexity Science. While it is not necessary to understand this theoretical basis to implement PCT, it is useful to know something about it before you start.

Many of the most innovative organizations in American business are using methods based on Complexity Science to increase productivity, adaptation and learning. The organizations include Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and hundreds of smaller companies.

The PCT Process is inspired by Scrum, a best practice for project management now used by these companies. Scrum can generate astonishing increases in team productivity, by following a simple process and a short list of very specific ground rules.

I welcome your questions as you learn more about the PCT Process on this site.

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Dan Mezick is the originator of the PCT process. Learn about Dan Mezick here.

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Are you using the PCT Process in your Youth Sports organization? Please contact me and tell me more-- I am keenly interested in receiving a report of your experience with the PCT Process.