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PCT Meeting, Parents Coaches Meeting The PCT Meeting
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For Assistant Coaches: Tasks

1. Listen to answers by Parents; observe Parents

2. Note important observations for subsequent review with Head Coach

For Assistant Coaches: Boundaries

1. Attendance is optional; if attending must be in the room 1 minute early.

2. Must strictly adhere to the scheduled start and stop times for the meeting, entering and leaving the room at the appointed time

3. Must remain silent and observe parents in service to Head Coach; may optionally describe observations to Head Coach

4. Assistant Coach may not leave the meeting until it is over.

5. Assistant Coach must leave when the meeting is over: either at the meeting end time, or when all questions have been answered. Assistant Coach looks to Head Coach for signals about the meeting start and end.

6. Must honor all Ground Rules



Are you using the PCT Process in your Youth Sports organization? Please contact me and tell me more-- I am keenly interested in receiving a report of your experience with the PCT Process.