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PCT Meeting, Parents Coaches Meeting The PCT Meeting
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For Parents: Tasks

1. Answer the questions asked by Head Coach.

2. Make sure Parent group stays on task to answer the 3 questions within the allotted time. Make sure Parents specify when any outstanding question is answered in full, so Head Coach knows to ask next question.

2. Honor all Ground Rules (Parents answer questions, do not ask Coach(es) any questions)

3. Must act to preserve and police the integrity of the process in the event Head Coach does not execute on the Ground Rules maintenance Task. For example if any Observer speaks during the PCT meeting and Head Coach does not act to remove that Observer, any Parent who is aware of this must bring it to the attention of the Head Coach, reminding him about associated Boundary for Observers.


For Parents: Boundaries

1. May not direct any questions to Head Coach or Assistant Coaches

2. May provide answers for any of the 3 questions from Head Coach

3. Must honor all Ground Rules

4. May optionally attend the meeting (attendance not required)

5. Parent is prohibited from attending the PCT meeting if a Team Captain in attendance also is a child of that Parent. This includes Head Coach, who must delegate authortity to an Assistant Coach if Head Coach's Kid is a Team Captain.

6. Parent may not ever remove an Observer who speaks during a PCT Meeting. However, Parent must act to bring this Ground Rule violation to the attention of the group, if and when Parent is aware of the situation.

7. Parent who occupies a leadership role in the Organization such as Org Leader or Board Member may not share information that is not available now to all Parents. For example a Board Member attending in Parent Role may not discuss anything about the Organization at this meeting that ALL Parents do not already know. Likewise, an Organization Leader must exercise caution and always participate in a peer Parent role with the rest of the group.

Are you using the PCT Process in your Youth Sports organization? Please contact me and tell me more-- I am keenly interested in receiving a report of your experience with the PCT Process.